About What I do

I am the original girl Friday (ahem *woman* Friday)… and have my hands in many pies. Along with hubby Luke, I run KEKOA Sports Fishing & Personalised Charters offering marlin and barramundi fishing charter from remote locations along the coast of Queensland for about 6 months of the year.

I am a professional blogger via the Black Marlin Fishing Blog posting Australian marlin fishing reports to a domestic and international audience of marlin fishing fanatics, real-time, 3-7 days a week depending on the season. (Now FORMER blogger having retired the Black Marlin Blog thanks in big part to Covid 19, in 2020.)

I am the web designer/developer behind Keruko.com and build websites for small to medium businesses and personal bloggers alike around my fishing commitments (I heart WordPress and consider myself a WordPress expert, it’s my favourite CMS.) I also manage several websites for clients who are too busy, or too technologically challenged to do so themselves. I write articles for print and web and have traveled to exotic destinations to do so (Lizard Islands 5 star resort anyone?!)

I also take photos and my images have appeared in many online and print publications, although mainly across the fishing spectrum. I have an image library of thousands and thousands of images and submit my images as stock both directly through web design projects and indirectly via Shutterstock.com. And on an ad-hoc basis, I undertake design projects — you’ll see many of those on here.

How it all came about

Keruko was my nickname and is an ode to my time spent in Japan. That’s where I first began blogging and developed a passion for design, web development and photography.

The web design part came first. When I started my first blog (Keruko’s Travels – documenting my adventures across Japan), I wanted to know how everything worked ‘under the hood’. So, with a lot of books and a few online courses, I taught myself web design. These days I can hand-code with the best of them and am competent in HTML, CSS and PHP, with a bit of Java thrown in for good measure.

Next came the design. I wanted to make my blog look pretty and to customise the look to suit how I felt at that moment. So I taught myself to use Illustrator and Photoshop to draw and create online. These days I’ve pretty much ditched Illustrator, but there is not much that I can’t do in Photoshop!

And then there is the photography… Wanting to document my travels and memories in pictures, I chose my first camera, a Canon EOS Kiss. Since then I’ve migrated up and along the Canon family of bodies and lenses. These days I run with two Canon 7Ds, an older model 1D, a GoPro or two, and my trusty iPhone which I use more as a camera than a phone anyways.

A long term Mac user, I am most comfortable on this platform but I can still use a pc. As a web geek, I tend to be IT manager for my friends and family, and can usually work out how any technology related works and how to set it up.

Where does the fishing come into it?

I grew up in the great outdoors, primarily on the ocean with my parents who are very well known in Australian sport and gamefishing circles. We fished here, we fished there, we fished EVERYWHERE along the east coast of Queensland as I was growing up. And I caught my first world record fish (24.3kg Spanish mackerel on 4kg line) as an 8 year old fishing with my parents in a tournament off the Whitsunday Islands.

After quite a while out of the industry, first gallivanting aboard as an exchange student during high school and then after uni, living and working abroad, I came back to Australia and fishing in 2005. I had quite simply worn myself out with my job (Associate Director of Membership at the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan) and needed a break. So I left my job and Japan and using my contracts, began what would become a 5 month sojourn across the USA.

One day, my darling mother sent me an email that was something along the lines of “why don’t you come back home and spend some time with your father on the boat?” Who could resist the chance to spend time with darling Dad? And so I did. And I’ve been on the boats ever since.

I rekindled a romance I had as a teenager running around the marinas of North Queensland with my now hubby Luke. And so when my Dad retired in 2009, I switched camps and joined hubby and KEKOA. While the boys were initially a bit unsure of this new female member of the team, these days I think they’ve likely forgotten what it was like before I arrived. They certainly eat better now 😉

Something random: my biggest ‘beef’

It’s stupid, it really is. But it drives me absolutely mental that people use capital letters with fish species. I mean, do you write tiger with a capital T or dog with a capital D? No! Nor do you write fish with a capital “F”! So accordingly, can you please write marlin with a small “m”? And if it’s a blue marlin, please write “blue” not “Blue”. There are some exceptions of course, the ol’ Spanish mackerel is one. It’s “Spanish” not “spanish” but that’s because their favourite food is paella and they take afternoon siesta’s, though they are not actually from Spain;-)

But seriously though, I do a LOT of editing of random fish capitalisation and it’s because of this that other spelling/grammar errors tend to slip through.

So if you find anything amiss on these pages, I’d love to hear about it. Email me!