Watermarking your images

Watermarking your photos

While watermarking your fishing images may seem just a way to stop people from stealing your photos, its actually a great way to spread the word about your brand (your business, company and boat!)


Why watermark my images?

There are several good reasons to watermark your fishing photos.
1. If you watermark your image with text “Copyright John Smith”, conscientious sharers might just respect your copyright too much and not share your image => less exposure for you.
2. If you watermark your image with your logo => more likely to share and your ‘brand’ gets exposure (and your image too!)
3. If you don’t watermark your pic at all => sharing may not include your business or brand = someone else gets benefit from your image.

What do I watermark with?

If you took the trouble to have your boat’s logo professionally designed, then you should definitely use it. It’s helps your audience immediately recognise your boat and brand.

If you don’t have a logo, maybe you have your boat’s name sign-written. Can you get a copy of that file from the designer? It doesn’t hurt to shoot them an email and ask.

Have neither of the above? That’s okay, you can watermark with some cool text. That’s easy to do as well.

Whatever you decide, just be consistent, and try to use the same styled text/image all the time.

Can the technically challenged do it too?

It’s really not that hard and there are plenty of tools that will help you to do this on your device or computer (for FREE).

Look for Watermarking apps on your devices (there are even apps for watermarking video). On your computer, have you tried Canva or PicMonkey?

What types of file work best?

A logo with a transparent background (.png file).

If you have a coloured picture logo, that’s always going to work well for you. But if your logo is in black or white, it’s best to have both light and dark versions (ie. a light coloured logo that works well on dark backgrounds and a dark coloured logo that works well on light ones).

Did you have your logo designed long ago and no longer have the original? Or maybe it’s on a funny coloured background and you’re not sure how to get it off… Well, send it to me, and I’ll see what I can do (send me your website link or a copy of your logo and I’ll return you a .png version with a transparent background!